We believe that transferable skill development coupled with cognitive learning is a winning combination in preparing youth for their transition to adulthood.


Incremental teaching, remedial support, enrichment and homework help for school curriculum and standardized testing, underpinned by a set of cognitive learning tools and approaches that help to develop autonomous learners.

  • English, French, Math, Science, History, Economics, Political Science, Entrepreneurship and more.
  • English & French as a second language
  • Standardized Tests (PSAT/SSAT, SAT, ACT)
  • Exam Crash Courses
  • Strategies for learning disabilities

Executive Functioning

A foundational toolkit that unlocks the ability to multi-task, plan, schedule, set goals, self-monitor and remain organized.

  • Organizational skills
  • Time Management
  • Planning & prioritization
  • Goal setting & self monitoring
  • Working memory strategies

Life Skills

Coaching on a set of skills considered critical for youth to become independent, confident, self-aware adults who are prepared for the professional world.

  • Interview skills & C.V. writing
  • Presentation & communication skills
  • Personal budgeting
  • Negotiation
  • Human-machine collaboration / coding

Who benefits?

Elementary Students

  • Challenges in specific subjects
  • Early acquisition of sound study habits and a love for learning
  • Foundational skills to set students up for success in high school, when pressure and complexity increase
  • Confidence building

High School Students

  • Challenges in specific subjects
  • Support in meeting a specific goal (GPA, Honor roll, admission)
  • Strong study habits and organizational skills that foster autonomous learning and self-discipline
  • Complementary support and mentoring through teenage years, in collaboration with parents and teachers

Students with Disabilities

  • Strategies for managing disabilities
  • Tailored approach to teaching content and skills based on unique student and disability
  • Referrals to specialized clinics and professionals, for formal assessment and/or additional support


  • Report card follow-up and recommendations for support and enrichment
  • Support and guidance on child’s development plan
  • Relationships with schools and teachers to increase effectiveness of tutoring and support


  • Pre-exam crash courses
  • ‘Live-in’ 1:1 support throughout the school day from dedicated subject matter experts and qualified teachers
  • Filling talent gaps and supporting recruitment efforts


“My tutoring has been going super well! My tutor is very professional and was not only able to help me with my calculations, but also my overall confidence regarding math!”


Studying for his police aptitude test

“Professional Tutoring service providing excellent customer service and support. Monarque Tutoring provides individually tailored services to support each student’s unique needs.”


Director of Academics
Sacred Heart School

“Monarque tutoring goes beyond finding great tutors for my three children.  They provide exceptional service in assessing our needs, following up with regular progress reports, communicating with teachers when necessary and making sure my kids are planning ahead in order to avoid last minute stresses”.


Mom of 3 high-school students

“Tutoring with Monarque has been a great experience as it has allowed me to practice my teaching and tutoring skills in order to become a better teacher. I’ve been given the opportunity to tutor very different students, across different ages and abilities, which has challenged me and pushed me in many ways. I already feel more confident as a teacher and more in control of my professional schedule.”


Monarque Tutor
Teacher in training

“Monarque Tutoring are partners in my teenage children’s learning. They listen to their needs, make educated referrals to a wide variety of tutors and deliver their services in an honest, efficient and professional way. And on top of it all,  they are a pleasure to work with. Scheduling is easy and tutors are hardworking, qualified and motivated to help in the learning process. Care and customer service A+++– in a nutshell!”


Mother of 2 high-school students