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We tutor children and young adults between Kindergarten and Grade 12 / Cegep, but we can accommodate all ages and skill levels.

You can contact us through our web contact form, call us at 1-514-933-4401 or email us at info@monarquetutoring.com. Once we understand your basic needs, we schedule a call or in-person meeting to assess the student’s full context and determine best fit in terms of tutor and schedule. We share tutor biographies and a recommendation, but the decision is ultimately in your hands. Once secured, a registration form will be sent by e-mail and can be completed directly online.

The tutoring can take place at any time of the day, 7 days a week. We work around your schedule and needs and work hard to find a tutor that can best accommodate all needs. We have tutors that work within schools during the day as well as after school and on weekends.

Yes, we accommodate all levels of capabilities and have specialized tutors to cater to these needs. For extreme cases, we work with many incredible organizations within the community who can complement our tutors and provide a deeper level of support, if required.

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Once a tutor is matched with a student, there is no commitment to continue. If a weekly tutoring schedule is established, the session can be cancelled with no charge up to 12 hours before the session. On our side, we commit that the same tutor will be available and show up on time to every scheduled session for the school year.

When registering through our simple online form, you will be prompted for your credit card, which we maintain in our secure platform and charge every 2 weeks for the hours accrued. An official invoice is sent for review 24 hours prior to processing payment.

All services that tutor government curriculum-based subjects and content are GST/QST except. Please visit www.cra-arc.gc.ca for more information. Depending on the insurance plan, these same services could be partially reimbursed. If your child has been diagnosed with learning disabilities, these expenses can be written off.

The rates range based on the student’s age, area of focus and qualification of tutor. The fee includes the 1:1 tutoring session with highly qualified tutors as well as regular pre and post-lesson service from Monarque’s founders directly. We pride ourselves on our tailored service, which puts as much emphasis on ‘teaching’ as understanding the student, their context, the family’s goals and ensuring the right student-tutor fit as the student grows.

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