Page Turners

Unleashing the natural-born
storyteller in each child.

Develop positive reading motivation

Small group, hands-on learning

Led by Teachers, Reading Specialists & Authors

What the experts are saying…

“Becoming an avid reader requires both skill and motivation. Skill development is supported by knowledgeable teachers and lots of opportunities to practice; motivation is about getting to know your budding readers and leading them to that first story that enthralls them and keeps them coming back for more.”

Stephanie Kozak, PhD Education

Creative and innovative activities that support the development of reading skills and comprehension strategies, also lay the groundwork to foster and build a love for reading.

De Naeghel et al., 2016

“Even just feeling positively about reading can make a difference in vocabulary skills.”

Martin-Chang et al, 2021

“Reading books that are chosen by the readers meets their psychological needs for autonomy, competence and relatedness and promotes reading motivation.”

Ryan & Deci, 2000

Our Approach

  • A dynamic program, grounded in educational research
  • Developing positive reading motivation and storytelling skills
  • Hands-on activities in reading, writing, movie-making, graphic art and theater

Who Benefits

  • Lacking motivation to read for fun
  • Limited exposure to reading & writing in English
  • Loves to read and wants to further explore books & storytelling
  • ‘Warm-up’ for the new school year

We Offer

  • Reading workshops to explore various genres & elements of a story.
  • Team games using music & art to learn about narratives and literary devices.
  • Multimedia creative writer’s workshops.
  • Outdoor Sports & games.
  • Special guests and events.
  • Complimentary Webinar for Parents, to support your child’s development.

Why Us

Program based on research, led by our youth reading expert,
Stephanie Kozak, PHD Education.

  • Camp Leaders are certified teachers & published authors.
  • Diverse programming tailored to the abilities & interests of each child.
  • Collaborations with local authors, illustrators, social influencers, artists and movie makers.
  • Special moments to honor campers & showcase their talents.
  • Small group learning, in a safe and secure environment.
  • On-site at a private school, with state-of-the-art facilities.



10% sibling discount
RL-24 provided


6-12 years old*

*Must have basic reading abilities.


August 12-16,
August 19-21


9-3pm, Monday to Friday


Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School, in Westmount