Daniela P.


Daniela is a passionate, dedicated and compassionate piano teacher. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in piano performance and audio engineering from Javeriana University (2017) in her hometown Bogota, Colombia, and a master’s degree in sound recording from McGill University (2022). She has been working with kids, teenagers and adults for more than 5 years in music academies, private classes and bilingual schools. Throughout her career, she has been exploring a wide range of musical genres: classical music, jazz, world and folk music by combining technique and theory from the classical world with the rhythm complexity from the Latin American cultures. As a performer, she has performed as a soloist, chamber music pianist and with a symphonic orchestra in several venues in Colombia, France and Luxembourg. Daniela’s accomplishments are divided between her performance skills and her recording and producer-engineer role. She is a winner of the Pianist Young Performer award, given by the National Colombian Bank (2014). She holds 9 prizes as a recording engineer awarded by the Audio Engineering Society, which is divided between National, Latin American and worldwide competitions (2017-2021). Her teaching approach focuses on providing confidence, discipline, safety, and fun to all the students by providing them with the proper tools to learn their favourite songs and achieve their personal goals as artists.