Harani T.

French, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Middle School, Secondary, Grade 12, Learning Disabilities, Organization

Harani is a science and technology teacher, currently teaching Science from Sec 3-5 at Centennial Academy, in both the English and French sector. She also completed a concurrent bachelors program at McGill in Education, with a focus on Secondary Science, and in Science majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. After graduating from McGill, Harani was the organ transplant database Manager at the Royal Victoria Hospital where she assisted in transplant research, after which she took an opportunity to teach at the American Creativity Academy in Kuwait teaching Grade 11 & 12 IB Biology and IB Chemistry. In addition to teaching, Harani served as the National Honor Society Director, helping students plan leadership and community service initiatives around the school. Her passion for science and the way she makes it applicable and interesting are why students love her. Harani’s philosophy to teaching is one where she tailors the way in which the content is presented to match the specific needs of the student. She believes in using multiple means of engagement to make sure the students are able to gain confidence and true comprehension. Outside of the time spent teaching or planning lessons, Harani enjoys travelling, watching tennis, reading mystery novels and spending time with friends.